Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Merel Foaming at the mouth

Do you think it is possible to make an electric car that goes 200 km/u. Reaches the 100 under 4 seconds. That drives 350 km on fully charged batteries and only takes 3 Euro worth of electricity to load. Do you think that is possible? Or is this just the imagination of a woman?

When a woman gets mad, normally she starts to cry. She gently puts her pumps to the floor not to damage them. This usualy doesn't make a big impression on men. They even might experience some minor arousal. I make a blog to tell you bluntly that: "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any longer.

Just like me you probably thought that this car had yet to be invented. That car is already on the market. It's called a Tesla Roadstar.

You put the thing into your wall-socket and for 3 euro, it will keep you running for 350 kilometers. It does a 0 to 100 within 4 seconds. It doesn't go any faster than 200 km/u. What a shame. For me that wasn't necessary. The thing cost about 90.000 euro. That wasn't necessary for me either. This car makes no other noise than the wind it displaces and sails through a wall of wind without leaven anything dirty in the atmosphere.

If you live in Amsterdam like me, it will cost you 8 euro's to get you and your lover to Paris.
Near Lille you will have a lunch break of 3,5 hour or... You change batteries... If you start to drive 200 km/u than the French police want to have it to and then you lost it again. Bloody French. That wasn't necessary either.

Anyway, if you can make an electric-car that will give Enzo Ferrari a big fat red head. A testa rossa molto grande like the Italians say. Than it must be possible to make a normal e-car for a normal price. Why isn't there one on the market today? Why god! Tell me why!

Prius? Don't make me laugh. Don't talk to me about that poor excuse of a green auto that according to it manufacturer Toyota has a mileage of 25 kilometers to the liter. If the poor eco-freak that bought the damn thing is lucky and drives downwind he will get about 19 km to one liter max.

I won't bore you with calculations but a Tesla road star has a comparable performance of 1 on 152. Amsterdam, Rotterdam for 1 euro! By train this will cost you 24 euro en 30 cent

1 to 19. And why do we agree with this?
Who is the dumb fuck that thinks he is saving the planet by driving that no good obsolete stinking Prius. A Prius makes the best mileage in a traffic jam. There he is our pioneering eco-freak, being green in jam. Green from anger!!

1 to 19 that is what cars could pull-off 80 years ago. Within that time frame computers were invented and went from simple calculation to Star-Trek Next-Generation specifications.
And our car is still in the dark-ages!!

I suspect foul play.
I think they did it on purpose.
Zero innovation in 80 year!

This takes effort ladies and gentlemen.
You have to sit diligently on your hands to pull that off!!

Are we being fucked?
Are we being scammed?
Are we being defrauded?


It might not be very sexy for a woman to shout so loud but I don't care. This is for the cause. We are being ripped of.

The car guys and the oil guys have a deal with one another. And the masses that are being fucked up the rear end have the idea that when they are watching F-1 races they are watching the pinnacle of modern technique.

Deafening shit noise, toxic smoke and of course a mileage that makes the forestman pale. You will see more innovation watching the country road show, flog-it or bargain hunt.

Please kiss my ass, all car manufacturers.

This is the biggest fraud in the history of man and woman. This is the biggest dick we've had shoved up your ass without noticing it. And the villains walk free and prosper.

There are circumstances thinkable in which I like a nice dick up my ass....
But this is not one of them!

Now don't look at politicians. Politicians do what you want them to do. The only thing we have to do is to scare them into a diarrhea of which they will still be talking 30 years to come.

Democracy in motion ladies and Gentlemen. Let the river of brown flow from their asses.

We don't need to rush up to the town hall with rakes to smash up and burn the place.. No! All we have to do is rise. And they will run like crazy.

Can we all rise at the same time? Can we tell our politicians we want durable transport and we don't want these cars made by the people who have scammed us for the last 80 years. We don't want to listen to anything they have to say.

Do I think they need to be bailed out? No they need to die. Please give the money to the people at tesla. Who know how to make the car we want.

Car manufacturers have stopped talking about electric cars because they can me made now.
And since they don't want to make e-cars they are talking now about the hydrogen car.

In ecstatic wording they will tell you that this will be the car of the future. In ten years because the technology isn't there yet.

Hydrogen...do you know how that is made.... from natural gas.... Suck my dick. This girl is pissed of. Or from water with the aid of.... electricity!!! Kiss my ass!!!!!!

If I stretch my arms, my fingers are already in a wall-socket. Where is the hydrogen outlet? Has anyone seen the hydrogen outlet?

The electricity you need to take the hydrogen out of the water will give you one battery worth of energy. With the same amount of electricity you charges 4 batteries. Kiss my ass

There is no future in hydrogen!! It is a smoke screen. We don't want the hydrogen car in ten years. We want the 100% environmental friendly, silent, electric car now.

Am I still a woman to you... Or is this turning you on!

Will we wait till gasoline will be unfordable, and then will we walk to Brussels and trash the place? Or will we all rise for the e-car.


Economically sane
Ecologically safe.
Electrically silent.

Or do we wait until our neighbor rises first!

Let us all rise NOW!

I want you to believe in the E-car!

Do you want clean air?
Say it loud so I can hear you!
Yes Merel we want clean air.
Do you want durable transport!
Yes Merel we want durable transport!
Do you want clean and silent automobiles?
Yes Merel we want clean and silent automobiles!

Than say it out loud now!
Say it out loud so they can hear it from London to Brussels from Berlin to Moscow from Vladivostok to Tokyo from Tokyo to Delhi.

E car now!
E car now! Hallelujah
E car now! praise the lord
E car now! Thank you for your passion

T-shirts will be available soon through this website.

So now i can be my sexy self again.

Merel Moistra

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