Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Press-release (English)

Green T-shirts are the thing this spring!

On her blog comedienne Merel Moistra blows of steam in a small video clip. If you support her in her crusade against all the people who are stopping the development and marketing of E-cars, you will be hip and green in your E-car now T-shirt!

This is about the biggest fraud in the history of mankind.

Rich beyond belief oil companies and their palls from the car-industry have a deal. Fuel efficient cars are bad for business. Electric cars are the devil.

Lobbyists of the car-industry bang on every door behind which they suspect a policymaker. Everything and anything is mobilized to prevent governments to put a stop to there scam.

And government that supposed to prohibit these frauds to go on with their scamming are in bed with them. Government wants their citizens to use lots of oil for for it is taxed to the max.

Electric and green cars that have a mileage of 1 to 152 km, and who have comparable price and achievement are in existence. They don't need te be invented. But there is a small but very rich amount of people who will get more rich if they keep this invention from us. And these people have no care for the environment.

Merel is mad as hell and she is not going to take it any longer
Green revolution please. Now!

We have to rise. We all have to rise together. And to prevent a burn down of all the governmental buildings in all major capitols in Europe I had the idea that if we would all wear a green T-shirt this spring they would get the message.

So to prevent unnecessary slaughter please buy one.
The world wil be a little greener right away.

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