Monday, February 16, 2009

The story

E-car = silent, clean and sustainable.

The E-car makes no noise, releases no toxic fumes and has a comparable mileage of 1 to 152 (liter per kilometer) An average car relying on a petrol engine uses 1 liter to 15 kilometers maximum.

The oil- and car-industry know that the end of the combustion engine is insight. Still they will do what ever it takes to prevent the silent clean en sustainable electric cars from entering the road. Up until now they are 100% successful in their actions. In all probability they convinced you that a viable electric alternative does not exist. But is does. And now you know.

This sabotage must come to an end. Politicians must know that the E-car exists and that we want a chance to buy one.

The proposition is: We want the politicians to stop the scam of the car producers and governments should facilitate the introduction and production of electric cars with vigor.

Sign our petition or make one for your own country.

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